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Carolina S. Aventura FL.

We could not be happier. We brought our 18-month-old son to Aquachild and he did the Initial Program with Scotty and in 6 weeks he went from zero to swimming rolling over and loving the water. We cannot recommend this place enough. Not only does our son have the skills to survive and swim but we have such peace of mind. Scotty and staff are so welcoming and friendly. We will be back for more.

Sasha Greenberg

Miami Beach, F

My 17-month-old just graduated from the 6 weeks program and i could not be happier with all the skills he’ve learned in such short time. We live in south beach so at first I wasn’t excited about the idea of driving so far every day- but something told me I should go for it and I did. After the first week I realize that was the best decision choosing Aqwachild. And now, after we completed the 6 weeks program I know I was right. The progress I saw every week with my son and with the other kids in the school was phenomenal, I remember thinking to myself at the first week “my son will probably need additional classes- he will never be ready to graduate after only 6 weeks” but I was so wrong, the method works on every child even on the most stubborn ones. Now we go back twice a week just because my son enjoys it so much, and the fun we have with him at the pool every weekend is priceless- he feels so confined with his swimming and floating skills. Scotty and Varinia thank you so much you are awesome!!!


Miami Beach, FL

New to the Florida area, we thought it important to ensure that our 2 year old could survive if he fell into one of the countless pools in the area. The swim/float/swim course is OUTSTANDING. The teachers are experts that help the child quickly master the basics. Though the infants cry at the beginning of the training, they really do learn. The best part is that our son now loves the water more than ever before. He’s now more confident and enjoys the time in the water. His progress has been unbelievable…thanks Scott!!

Malani R.

Miami Beach , FL

My 18-month-old daughter Gianna just graduated the initial program 2 weeks ago. And I can’t thank Brain enough for teaching her skills that she will forever cherish as she splash around in the pool. My experience at Aquachild has been amazing and unforgettable. I remember feeling so nervous for her on her first day of class, but amazingly by the fourth day she was already swimming with eyes open underwater. After 6 weeks of hard work and dedication she was tossed in the pool fully clothed and like a mermaid she rolled on her back and floated. The job that Brian and his team do with so much patience and passion is just spectacular and admiring. So blessed to have found such an awesome swim school. Can’t wait to start with the maintenance program!
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Happy family

North Miami Beach, FL

Dear Scotty, Thank you so much for being an absolutely wonderful swimming teacher and giving my children the best experience and an emphasis on water safety. Within Minutes you understand your students nature, strengths, fears, and earn the childs trust while pushing them to succeed. I have learned a lot from observing you each day. I can can see why people are raving about your swim school.I myself was skeptical, Particulary with Chaya who refused swimming lessons prior. You have a terrific, warm and friendly team. We hope to continue during the year.


Biscayne Park, FL

was really hesitant to send Ali to Aquachild, who at the time was about to turn 4, because I was afraid he would be traumatized by approaching swimming through the “survival” perspective. However two things happened, one was that no matter how much I tried he was just not learning to swim from me and two that one day at his friends birthday party where there was a pool he disappeared from my sight when we were inside the house for no more than a minute and when I ran outside he was standing by the pool scared because his friend had just accidentally fallen in. Luckily his friend knew how to swim. That day I knew I had to muster up the courage and I brought him to Brian who is just absolutely amazing, he is a “child whisperer” in the pool. Though Ali was terrified the first week it opened up such an incredible opportunity for us as a family to stand by him as he learned courage, perseverance and trust. By day 5 we could not get him out of the water after the class and though he is always a little nervous when we take him he ends up feeling success and empowered. It has taken a tremendous weight off of my chest as I know that no matter what he not only knows how to swim but most importantly he knows how to survive. As I right this I’m taking a nice deep breath with a sense of relief.

Lauren Cantor

Miami Beach, FL

Our daughter, Chloe, is our second child to have gone through the Aquachild program. Unlike our first child, Chloe cried every day. However, Scotty showed the same amount of patience and love as he did with our first child. And best of all…the results were identical! Over a year after completing the 6-week program, Chloe took a week-long refresher course with Scotty and she is a phenomenal swimmer! We were recently vacationing and there was never a time we were in the pool that people were not astounded by our kids’ swimming abilities. At not even 3 years old, Chloe is a fish in the water and I am confident in her safety skills! Thank you Aquachild!!

Rosalind Rodriguez

North Miami, FL

is experience was priceless! The patience of dealing with the nervous parents and if your child cried like my 16-month-old did is amazing. I will never stop speaking and sharing of your services. This is something that every child should learn! A Special thank you to Scotty and Varinia.


Wellington, FL

17-month old Daniel is the second child we’ve sent thru the Aquachild program. Despite moving an hour north, we made a special effort to get Daniel thru because our first child had learned so much. Daniel graduated last week, and had learned all the safety skills well. As if to prove the point, he fell headfirst in the pool yesterday as we were moving in to our new house. His mother was nearby, but she paused a couple seconds to see what he would do. Sure enough, he rolled right over and established a good safe float. She fished him out of the water and he was none the worse. This training has given us the confidence to let our kids play near the water without constant “arm’s-reach” adult supervision. The results are amazing, and the instructors are superb. Two thumbs up!

David Tesone

golden beach, FL

heard about Aquachild from friends that strongly recommended since Debbie was having a hard time learning at home with private teachers. then after 6 weeks with scotti in Aquachild she made it and it was the best 6 weeks invested ever. she is a champ now and she knows what to do in the water in any condition and alone and independent. thank you scott you are the best!

Gali Katz

Bay Harbor Islands, FL

My 2.5-year-old son graduated yesterday, and as i think about his Aquachild experience, i know enrolling him was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Scotty was an incredibly fantastic instructor- patient, loving, firm and encouraging. He gave my son the confidence he needed to love being in the water, and the skills he needed to enjoy swimming safely. He also helped teach me, his mother, how to encourage him on my own- so we could continue his learning/growth at home. I was hesitant to enroll my son for about a year (fear of harsh methods, is it worth the drive?). They are not harsh at Aquachild, but KNOWLEDGABLE. They know not only children’s limitations, but also their incredible capabilities at such a young age. And now, knowing what i know, i would drive twice as far to do it. Thank you so much for bringing out the little Shark in my Liev!

Sheri Viacava

Miami Beach, FL

Our daughter Francesca took the six-week program right after she turned 1 year old. Oh my god, how happy we are that we enrolled her in this program. Brian was the most patient instructor and my husband and I had 100% trust in his techniques. Our daughter first started to be in the water at 3 months with a swim program at the JCC, what she learned here far surpassed the 9 months at the other class. Our daughter now, really knows how to roll over, float on her back and swim by herself!! She cried for every lesson, but after she passed the test and came back the next day, she was the happiest baby ever!! She loves the water and she is so confident of what she can do. Thank you so very much Aqua Child, And Brian, it has been an amazing experience!!


Aventura , FL

I must say that the beginner program at Aquachild was the best thing I have ever done for my kids and myself. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT! My 3-year-old daughter never stepped foot in a pool because she was so terrified and my 2-year-old son had no fear and always gravitated towards water. With spring break coming up, I froze all after-school activities, cancelled any personal appointments and committed myself to taking them each day for 6 weeks. The first two weeks with Brian were full of tears, kicking and screaming in the car on the way, and practically having my kids (2 & 3 yr old) in a headlock trying to put those swim diapers on! But despite all that, I already began to see results with my daughter kicking from point A to B and both of them smiling during that first weekend in the pool at home. The third and fourth week was more calm and they got used to the fact that mommy is not turning back. My kids were was actually excited to go into the pool. The 5th week, Brian kicked it up a notch and really focused on floating in which my kids really impressed me with how well they did it. They passed their survival test in the middle of the 6th week with flying colors and now LOVE the pool and ask to see Brian. I am extremely thankful to Brian for his dedication with my kids, and the staff for all the support. I plan to continue with the maintenance program.


Shirley Lampert

Miami, FL

Our 1 and a half year old daughter Lily graduated from Aqua Child today. We couldn’t be more pleased with her swim/float abilities and her newly found confidence in the pool. We would highly recommend this program and of course, our instructor, Scotty, who not only was amazing with Lily, but who also helped us as parents learn how to best handle our precious baby in different water situations. We adore you Scotty and can’t thank you enough. The peace of mind you have given us, especially living in Florida is simply priceless. We would recommend this program to ANYONE looking to learn how to swim!

Michelle Feldman

I would like to say aqua child is amazing and worth the money! My son was afraid of the water and now after completing 6 weeks from aqua child he’s no longer afraid of the water 🙂 aqua child has taught him to swim and float which is important in Florida we are surrounded by water and #1 cause of death is drowning. I’m very proud and happy about the results I see in my son after aqua child. Scotty your amazing thank you for everything, because of you my son loves water and knows how to survive in the water 🙂 this was the best thing I did for my son was sign him up to aqua child it’s worth every penny. Thanks again for everything.

Carolina Saavedra Leonardo

Thanks a million to @Aquachild! They do great work all around. From the survival skills they teach, to the way they handle each individual child/person, to their rapport with parents/clients. Our instructors, Scotty and Alex were stellar!
If you're looking for swimming classes for your child or yourself go to @Aquachild! Your welcome!

Agustin Ricart

This experience was awesome. We took our 3 year old son to learn how to swim.
The whole team is outstanding, super professional and also super warm and caring.
Couldn't be more grateful we found them.
Super recommendable.
Thank you, Tomas, Thank you Scoty, thank you Laura, thank you Alex.
Keep up with the great work you do.

Lucía Speroni

I got the package of 8 adult swim lessons to improve my freestyle and swim underwater in preparation for a swim test. I did most of the classes with Scotty and some with Nicholas, both are awesome instructors and super nice people! Already after the first class, I could notice an improvement, and as we continued training I was able to swim more efficiently both freestyle and underwater. Scotty also taught me breaststroke and how to duck dive. Every class was a great experience and fun! Kid lessons look great too! While at the pool, I have seen most of the kids having a blast and also kids who are initially uncomfortable and how they chill down as the class progresses! The booking system is great! You get an email for every appointment and can add it to your google calendar, and they also send a text reminder the day before the class. Overall, I only have good things to say about Aquachild and 100% recommend it!

Tony Andre

Scotty and the guys at Aquachild furnish an invaluable tool for children and parents here in South Florida. It's so incredibly important for South Florida children to be comfortable in the water and they do an amazing job at Aquachild in teaching kids life saving techniques in the water. My daughter started at around 1 year old and we are set to take her back for second set of refresher courses. She loves the water and is very comfortable in it thanks to Aquachild. The staff is also amazing.

Mia Stinson

Aqua child is AMAZING!!! We tried twice before signing up with Aquachild. The first time we did casual classes once a week with a teacher-friend. The second time we went to a neighborhood pool, also once a week, soon to realize the 'winter' was approaching and was not enjoyable to be in the pool.
Wasn't until we saw a baby at our pool practicing Aquachild's survival lessons that we decided to invest the money and commit to the 10 minutes, daily classes completely out of our way. EVERYONE JUST NEEDS TO COMMIT!
IT WAS THE BEST THING. Scotty was the instructor to our 28 month old baby girl. Combined, his technique, unique personality, and serious connection with the kids WORKS! He is funny (totally embraced Elsa/Frozen to make things easier), patients, a great coach. My baby did cry at the beginning, but soon respected Scotty's guidance, and in 4 weeks was performing great. by middle of week 6 she graduated.
Aquachild is a humble place, with a basic pool, great instructors, and more importantly, commitment to the kids. They are just focused on what matters.
We could not recommend Aquachild more! We will continue with weekly classes for extra practices.

Tyneshia B

This swimming program is amazing!!! Very great staff, especially Scottie! My son had graduation yesterday and he more than exceeded my expectations. They not only teach them to swim but they teach survival skills. The best money I’ve ever spent. My son will be starting stroke class next and WE ARE EXCITED. Thank you Aquachild

Mandy Major

Cannot say enough about Aquachild & what they do there! Brian, Scotty, and all the staff are amazing. They were so patient with my 22 month old son, and in just 6 weeks, he learned how to swim and float on his back, essential skills if he were to ever accidentally fall in. They also teach you as a parent how to work with your child at home and continue teaching them new skills even after the lessons are complete! Highly recommend!

George Likes

Aquachild is an amazing outfit that provides professional aquatics education. Our 2 year old daughter has spent 6 weeks in the initial program and her transformation was incredible to witness. Today she is independent on the surface, floats, swims and grabs onto the side of the pool or an object. Special shoutout to Scotty for the great in kind instructions. Thank you guys and good success in your future!

Verónica Correa

The BEST place to take your kids for a swimming lessons. I have my oldes son in swimming lessons for 4 years with theme instead of physical therapy (he had an stroke when he born and the consequences are a low muscule tone in this right side of his body)and the changes are amazing!!!!!!! I love the way they teach him, he really love and enjoy the lessons and the instructors.
Also my little son is in swimming lessons and he's a little 2 years old fish. I can tanks enough Scotty, Brian, Nick, Williams and Charles.

Dj Gentile

I had been looking for a place that would actually teach my grand children to swim without endless classes and had tried a few other places, but then, by the grace of God, I walked into the dive shop to fill my tanks and heard some children's voices outside in the pool. I went to check it out and much to my surprise there was a small baby, less than a year old, who was floating on her back by herself! I immediately signed the grandkids up and that was the best thing I could have done. They are all swimming and I can actually relax at the pool now. The instructors are patient and very informative. The kids actually had fun at their classes! Thank you Aquachild!

Silvana Pimentel

Having a pool at home I knew having my kids go thru this training was the right thing to do. When my older one was 8 months took this class and 2 years after he felt on my friends pool, to our surprise he managed to float face up inmediately. Right then I knew I needed to do the same with my little girl. She is now done with the training and able to float on her back after all the tests done at graduation. I am so proud of my two kids and as I parent also because we did what needed to be done. Scoty, Bryan, Nicholas and the rest of the Staff at Aquachild is amazing, compassionate, caring and professionals on what they do.

Linda Gentile

I have taken all three of my Grandsons to Aquachild for swimming lessons. I tried the others, i.e. British Swim School and the local public pool with no luck after several months of classes. Aquachild has a unique method of training that children grasp with success. My grand kids love the water, and the baby, who is 18 months right now and is in maintenance classes, has learned enough that if he actually fell into a pool on accident he would be able to save himself until help arrived. This place was the answer to our prayers because we have a pool and we were feeling hopeless when the other classes just weren't teaching them enough for them actually swim and get out of the water themselves, or at least float ( in the baby's case) until help got to him. I can't say enough positive things about Aquachild. If you want no nonsense swimming classes where they will succeed, this place is your answer. I wish I could post a video to show you the baby being tossed in the water and him floating to the top. All skills he learned at Aquachild. It's amazing, seriously!

Steven E. R.


Well, I was looking for a place to build my confidence and skills in the water. I also wanted to hone the skills necessary to pass my Navy 2nd class swim. These instructors at Aquachild will not only teach you techniques,but also the psychology of being at one with water...even in deep water. In fact, I built a whole a lot more trust in my abilities in the water once I began to understand the science of buoyancy(staying afloat).You need that for prone float!!! My experience in the aquatic environment is counterintuitive to being on land. But once the instructors teach the laws of that environment, your skill level will go from 0 to 10 in a matter of days.They will start wherever you are.If you're a serviceman or servicewoman. Check out Aquachild. It's not just for kids! I got my first class free to try out the experience. You will not be disappointed! And it will not be as stressful as the drill sergeant classes in the navy aquatic pool...no pushing here

Eric West

Great swimming school. Very nice and friendly people. Great results. I can’t tell you enough good things about it. Awesome instructors and very nice atmosphere. My younger daughter Violeta, would place her head in the water at all just 4 weeks ago. Nick, her instructor is very professional, caring and highly skilled as well as Scotty, Charles, Jaya, Sage and Laura. It is one of those places that as soon as walk in you feel the good vibes and where kids and parents enjoy their learning experience. After just 3-4 weeks of training my daughter is even doing strokes as she swims. She is very skilled and confident now when we go to
the pool. Thank you very much for everything you guys do. Keep it like that. It has been a very good experience. I am sure our summer will be memorable thanks to you. Last but not least....Great music always!!!
Arianna, Ariel, Vero and Violeta

Jackie Levy

This review is about 3 years late! Gianna has been giving both my kids lessons and we simply adore her! I started my daughter at 2.5yrs old and my son at 18 months! I was petrified at first but she is simply amazing with them! She is tough and sweet and they both love her! They both learned immediately and have been getting annual refreshers ever since, which they really didn't need but I don't think we want to see her go! Overall, I am ecstatic with how quickly they learned and what confidence they have swimming. It is so important living in south Florida! If you need a swim instructor I highly recommend Gianna!!

Dina Miller

This is the great place if you want your your kids to fall in love with water! My son is a great swimmer. He never liked water before I took him to Scott. Professional staff and custom approach. Ur child get to swim one on one with instructor. Swimming pool is clean and water is warm year around. Very happy to find the place like this


My son is 2 yrs old and he just started about 3 weeks now and I am so impressed with his progress. The first week he cried almost everyday but now he can't wait to get in the pool. The instructors are great and my kids really love them!!

Anastasya Gnomova

It was great experience for my little son. We had 30 lessons (6 weeks) and now he knows how float and swimming on back. I see result after lessons. I recommend this school for kids!

Gia Hagen

Mako started going to aquachild at 11months and it has been a blessing! I am so much more confident around pools! We are continuing to take him because we trust in the staff and our boy loves it!!!


At the beginning I thought it was expensive lessons for a 5 year old; however, it was the best $700 I spent. By the end of the twelfth week my daughter was an overconfident swimmer. Scotty is the best at what he does, so are the others. I would definitely recommend and take my daughter there to learn more things. From the Zee family!! Thanks Scotty!!!