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Initial Program:

Classes are 10-minute private lessons Monday through Friday for six weeks. New classes start every Monday.

10–12 Months

Infants are taught to roll over from a face-down position into a back float in order to achieve a stable position where they can breathe. They are also able to be passed back and forth helping to establish a head-down
swimming position.

12 Months and Up

This age group will be taught a Swim-Float-Swim sequence. They will learn an efficient way to propel themselves from one place to another by being able to swim head down with their eyes open, roll to their backs and breathe, and depending on their confidence and skill level roll back over to
continue swimming.

3-Week Session Monday Through Friday (2x/day)

If you would like to shorten the length of time to 3 weeks, we can still achieve the same results by having 2 classes per day with a minimum of 2 1/2 to 3 hours between classes. For example, 9 am and 3 pm. 30 classes total.

Fridays – Parents Are Invited Into the Water To Participate in the Lesson.

Bringing the parent(s) in the water gives the child the opportunity to show their parent(s) their newly acquired skills, building their child’s self-esteem and confidence. This also gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the proper ways to reinforce the techniques taught in our program to the parent(s).

Once the above skills are acquired, all children in our initial
program are placed in the water fully clothed.

They are able to recover from any position placed in the water by rolling
over onto their backs and floating for an extended amount of time.

Children in the 12 months and up group may have the ability to
roll back over and obtain the side of the pool or steps.

Great Kicking!

Good swimming with your face in the water!

Nice floating with resting toes!

No other sport is more vital to your child’s health and well-being.
We strongly recommend ongoing practice and participation in our advanced programs.

Refresher Course

Students must have completed our initial program to take this class.

Classes are 10-minute private lessons for 1 week Monday through Friday.

New classes start every Monday.

This class focuses on building back their confidence

For children who have completed our initial program and have been out of the water for an extended amount of time. Children don’t lose their swimming and floating skills, but sometimes lose the confidence to perform them.

This class focuses on building back their confidence to perform and master skills already taught and getting them ready to move on to maintenance or stroke lessons.

maintenance or refresher

Maintenance Program (4 years and under)

Students must have completed our initial program to take this class.

Classes are 15-minute private lessons. This is a flexible lesson where you choose how often and when you would like to come. Students under the age of 4 must have completed our initial program to take this class.

Practice is the key to retaining skills.

We recommend ongoing classes at least 2 times/week. Classes are 2 or 3  days a week for children 4 years old and under who have completed our Initial Program. These classes reinforce the skills already taught and build on the skills needed to learn strokes.


Advanced Program/Strokes (4 years and up)

The instructor teaches the four major strokes:

Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly.

Classes are 2–4 days a week for 15 minute private sessions.

The initial program must be completed if the child cannot perform the swim-float-swim sequence.

Students over the age of 4 must be able to swim independently to take this class.


Adult Lessons

It's never too late to learn!

These classes are for beginners that need to learn the basics and for the more advanced adult that needs to learn better techniques.

This is a flexible lesson where you choose how often and when you would like to come.

Classes are 30-minute private lessons. 

Instructor Training

Want to make

a difference in children's lives?

Want to have a rewarding and fun career?

Our training gives you the ability to teach these important life-saving skills that every child should know.

Aquachild's technique consists of a roll-over breathing method that teaches students to be able to swim float swim in a survival sequence.

We’ve taught many new instructors here, in the US, as well as internationally. In 2010, we helped start the first survival swim school to use this method in Panama. We have had national exposure on CNN, Today Show, and numerous local stations as well as Telemundo and Univision.

This is an excellent opportunity to start a profitable and rewarding new business or to use in addition to your existing swim program.

The Training Program Consists Of:

  • 6 weeks of hands-on in-water training. You will spend approximately 150–200 hours
    assisting in teaching children of various ages (from 10 months to 5 yrs).
  • Instruction: In teaching breath control, propulsion, floating, rollover breathing, survival
    skills, and stroke development.
  • Video Critique. Lessons will be filmed to help explain and/or correct issues or concerns
    the trainee may have.
  • Continuing Consultation. We are available via phone or email to answer any questions
    you may have concerning techniques and/or troubleshooting.
  • Promotional and Media Info. DVDs of media and brochures will be given to serve
    as an overview for potential clients.
  • Networking Link your school on our website along with other like-minded swim schools.
  • Training is available at our facility or we can travel to you.